CarPro-Tec Fusion Manual

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All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.

Please use the 
CarPro-Tec QuickGuide for the initial commissioning of your new CarPro-Tec. These detailed instructions will help you with detailed setting options.


Betriebsanleitung (DE) Instructions (FR)Manual

Table of Contents


Scope of delivery

1 x CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G incl. GPS tracker (901221)

1 x Magnetic pad for drill-free attachment of the CarPro-Tec Fusion

1 x CarPro-Tec 3-step QuickGuide incl. German video instructions

1 x 2m USB-C cable for connection to the charger 

1 x Permanent 4G multi-network LTE-M mobile phone connection

2 x Wireless remote control (900866)

1 x IS-01 wired indoor siren (cable length approx. 70cm) (32532)

1 x 5m connection cable extension with jack for siren (900842) 

1 x status arming LED with 5 m connection cable

Explanations of the status LED bar

lights up permanentlyCarPro-Tec is switched on and unset
goes outCarPro-Tec is armed
blinks slowlyCarPro-Tec is armed
blinks quicklyAlarm was triggered
lightedAccessories can be programmed
blinksGPS connection active
blinks4G module switched on & connection being searched for
lighted4G connection established

Explanation of the buttons

ACCESSORIESTeach-in of sensors (see chapter Sensors & accessories)
ALARM DURATIONAdjustment of the siren runtime
TONE ON / OFFSwitching the acknowledgement tone of the internal beeper or siren on/off
SYSTEM ON / OFFSwitch CarPro-Tec on/off
4G ON / OFFSwitching the 4G GPS module on/off
GPS TESTButton for manual triggering of the 4G GPS module to test the connection (alarm simulation)


USB-C port

5V charging voltage for charging the battery.

Charging an empty battery takes approx. 4-5 hours. The red LED inside the charging port goes out when the battery is fully charged.

Status arming LED connection You can connect the status arming LED here.

Instead of the ALARM LED of the CarPro-Tec (status LED bar), the externally connectable status arming LED included in the scope of delivery then flashes approx. every 5 seconds.

Siren connectionConnection for the indoor siren or the transmitter for the wireless siren.

If required, you can operate 2 sirens in parallel using our jack distributor.

How the 4G/GPS module works

The CarPro-Tec Fusion has an internal, highly efficient 4G/GPS module, which works extremely battery-efficiently thanks to a special standby mode. The 4G/GPS module is automatically activated for a period of 3 minutes while driving, in the event of an alarm and when motion or vibration is detected. During this time, the GPS position is updated every minute. The interval restarts with every new movement or vibration. This ensures a very energy-saving and flexible standby mode* of the CarPro-Tec Fusion with an average battery life of approx. 4 weeks without an external power supply.

Battery life (special features in standby mode)

* It should be noted that the battery life in the event of a power failure can vary greatly depending on use and application, unless an external power supply is guaranteed. When the vehicle is parked and unoccupied (stationary) and CarPro-Tec is switched on, the battery life of CarPro-Tec is approx. 4 weeks (4G module in deep sleep/standby). When travelling and when in the vehicle (4G module automatically active), the battery life is reduced to approx. 3-4 days. With the extension of the Powerstation for CarPro-Tec, you can extend these conditions by approx. 3 times by tripling the battery capacity to >19Ah. Please also note that any battery capacity temporarily loses power at low outside temperatures.


CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique plug and play alarm solution that monitors your vehicle constantly and reliably for you by simply inserting and activating it. Every CarPro-Tec Fusion is manufactured by us in Germany and is subject to constant quality control.

Delivery status

CarPro-Tec is supplied pre-charged. We recommend fully charging the CarPro-Tec before starting to use it. Use the enclosed USB-C charging cable for this. The red LED inside the charging port goes out when the battery is fully charged.


WARNING: Please remove the connected indoor siren for all setting options in order to avoid health consequences in the event of any test alarms.

Initial commissioning with the CarPro-Tec QuickGuide

You can find detailed information on initial commissioning on topics such as the installation location of the CarPro-Tec, adapting the room volume sensor to your vehicle and other initial set-up measures in our enclosed CarPro-Tec QuickGuide (brief instructions) and as a PDF download at under Help & Support .

Note: We strongly recommend a continuous power supply for the CarPro-Tec with the supplied USB-C charging cable by using an available USB port (5V). Alternatively, use the optionally available 5V/12V adapter for operation via an available standard 12V car connection (cigarette lighter connection). Please note that in many vehicles, existing USB ports and cigarette lighter connections may be switched off when the key is removed or the 12V main switch is used. In this case, the CarPro-Tec is then supplied with power via the internal battery for approx. 30 days. To bridge longer downtimes, an optionally available CarPro-Tec Powerstation (without automatic switch-off) can provide a problem-free power supply for several months.

Please be sure to observe the information on battery utilisation under "Battery life (special features in standby mode)".

Switch on

Switch on the CarPro-Tec and activate the 4G module using a pointed object (e.g. biros) as follows:

Switch on CarPro-Tec:

Briefly press the button SYSTEM   

If the first (left) green LED within the status LED bar lights up, the process was successful.

Switch on the 4G module:
Briefly press the button

If the last (right-hand) green LED within the status LED bar lights up, the process was also successful.

We recommend leaving the CarPro-Tec switched on permanently. You only need to switch it off for storage when not in use.


Use the magnetic pads supplied to place your CarPro-Tec in an easily accessible, but at the same time protected from view, location near a 5V/12V power supply in your vehicle's living area. The CarPro-Tec should not be exposed to weather conditions.

Examples of suitable installation locations are: in a caravan/motorhome under a seating area, in a wardrobe or in any drawer and in a car under the passenger seat, in the boot, glove compartment or in the spare wheel well.

Note: We do not recommend placing the CarPro-Tec in the rear garage of your camping vehicle, as this is usually a separate room from the living area and therefore makes it much more difficult to optimise the settings of your CarPro-Tec.

Activating / deactivating monitoring 




Closed lock

Arm CarPro-Tec

Open lock

Disarming CarPro-Tec

Flash button

Trigger "Loud panic alarm"

(siren + app notification)

Crossed out loudspeaker

Trigger "Silent panic alarm"

(App notification)

Change confirmation tone when activating / deactivating


By default, the activation and deactivation of your CarPro-Tec is confirmed via the internal beeper.

You can choose whether the confirmation tone (acknowledgement tone) should be emitted via the internal beeper or via the connected siren when arming/disarming if the beeper cannot be heard outside your vehicle or is not sufficiently audible for you.

WARNING: For the following setting options, please remove the connected indoor siren or keep it covered with the palm of your hand to avoid health consequences.

To change the confirmation tone when activating/deactivating:

Button Sound on/off

Sound output via

Confirmation tone


Press once briefly

Internal beeper

1x long

Beeper on

2x briefly

Beeper off

Long press once


1x long

Siren on

2x briefly

Siren off

Setting the room volume sensor

In order to optimise the integrated room volume sensor for your vehicle, the CarPro-Tec must first be positioned at its final installation location as a basic requirement. Your CarPro-Tec should then be set as sensitive as necessary, but at the same time as insensitive as possible, in order to react reliably to unwanted forced entry attempts, but to minimise unwanted alarms, e.g. in the event of a heavy thunderstorm (high pressure drop) or storm.

  1. Set the rotary control to approx. 15 o'clock position (ninth bar). Close all doors and windows of your vehicle from the inside and go to the door/window that is furthest away from the installation location of your CarPro-Tec.
  2. Arm the CarPro-Tec with the remote control by briefly pressing the right-hand button (closed lock symbol). A short beep confirms arming.
  3. Open the door or window with a quick opening movement. Your CarPro-Tec should now trigger an alarm. Cancel the triggered test alarm by pressing and holding the left button (open lock symbol) on the remote control. Two short beeps confirm that the monitoring has been deactivated.
  4. Reduce the sensitivity of the room volume sensor by one marker step by turning the rotary control to the left. Repeat procedure 2. and 3. until it is no longer possible to trigger an alarm, even after several repetitions and abrupt opening movements.
  5. Now increase the sensitivity of the room volume sensor again by a maximum of half a position, ideally between the last possible alarm triggering and the current position, by turning the rotary control slightly to the right again.
  6. The room volume sensor is now optimally adjusted to your vehicle!

Staying in the vehicle with active room volume sensor

If you have adapted the room volume sensor to your vehicle as described, you can move freely in the vehicle even when monitoring is activated. Please note, however, that strong vibrations and the opening or closing of windows and doors will trigger an immediate alarm.

Note: To avoid self-triggered false alarms, we recommend temporarily deactivating the room volume sensor in certain everyday situations (e.g. running children or large dogs) and continuing to monitor and secure the vehicle via our door/window contacts during this time (so-called perimeter protection).

Deactivating the room volume sensor

If you set the rotary control to the minimum (7 o'clock position), the room volume sensor is deactivated and monitoring is reduced to all additionally connected sensors and accessory components.


The CarPro-Tec sounds an alarm as soon as the activated room volume sensor or additionally integrated sensors detect a danger or an attempted break-in. In this case, the interior siren sounds (if connected) and the LTE/GPS module immediately sends an app alarm including the current GPS position to the connected CarPro-Tec Fusion app.

The vehicle's position is now updated automatically every minute, even when the vehicle is stationary. If necessary, you can deactivate a running alarm by pressing and holding the open lock symbol on the remote control.

LED signalling in the status LED bar

The triggered alarm is signalled by the ALARM LED flashing rapidly.
If you disarm the CarPro-Tec, the green POWER LED lights up again.

Indoor siren

The indoor siren should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of the CarPro-Tec using the siren extension cable supplied in order to make it more difficult to locate the CarPro-Tec due to the unlikely but not impossible acoustic localisation of the indoor siren.

Operation of two indoor sirens (optional accessory)

If required, you can operate a second indoor siren in parallel. This ensures that the acoustic alarm continues to sound even if one of the two indoor sirens is detected. Please note that only the jack distributor offered by us may be used for this purpose. The siren output can be loaded with up to 1A.


Alarm duration

The siren time is set to 30 seconds at the factory, as this is an optimum compromise between sufficient deterrence and reasonable noise nuisance. After the 30 seconds have elapsed, the siren stops and CarPro-Tec continues to monitor your vehicle unchanged and repeats this process for any further conspicuous behaviour. If required, you can manually adjust the siren duration to up to 180 seconds.

Change alarm duration

We recommend leaving the preset alarm duration at 30 seconds, as this is sufficient to scare off a burglar. If you still want to change this, you can set it as follows:


Activates the setting mode:

no siren times are changed yet.


Sets the runtime to 0 seconds (silent alarm):

the siren is off and is not activated in the event of an alarm

Each further press (ALARM DURATION)

Increases the runtime by 10 seconds:

The minimum runtime is 20 seconds.


30 seconds running time


Press 5 times


60 seconds runtime


Press 8 times


120 seconds running time


Press 14 times

APP „CarPro-Tec Fusion“ (Android & IOS)

The app alerts you in the event of your CarPro-Tec alarm being triggered and ensures GPS tracking of your vehicle.

GPS reception

Please note: For reliable use of the internal GPS tracker, it is important that the CarPro-Tec is located in your vehicle and that it is parked in the open air in order to have sufficiently good GPS reception.

Download and Login

To do this, install the „CarPro-Tec Fusion” app on your smartphone or tablet. Then enter the required login details correctly. These can be found on the back of the device and also in the scope of delivery as an adhesive label for your records.

Once you have successfully logged in, the app is connected to your CarPro-Tec. As soon as the CarPro-Tec detects an attempted break-in, you will receive an alarm notification including an updated GPS position on your smartphone via the app.

Multiple users

You can repeat this step on several smartphones and thus expand the user group as required.



Please note that all accessory components and sensors within the CarPro-Tec initial delivery are already fully programmed and pre-configured and only need to be placed in your vehicle. This applies both to set orders and to individual accessories, provided they were delivered together with the CarPro-Tec.

The CarPro-Tec has a total of 50 memory locations available for the integration of accessory components. 

Each remote control and each sensor requires one memory location.

If you order additional sensors, you must programme them into your existing CarPro-Tec alarm system:

Teach-in sensors & accessories

  1.  Press and hold the ACCESSORIES button
  2. ACCESSORIES -LED lights up red
  3. Trigger sensor (possibly several times)
  4. The CarPro-Tec beeps twice briefly and the red LED goes out after a successful teach-in process
  5. Release the ACCESSORIES  button

To decouple sensors that have already been taught-in, repeat steps 1-3. The CarPro-Tec confirms the teach-in process with a long beep.

Teach-in remote control

  1. Press the ACCESSORIES  button briefly
  2. ACCESSORIES -LED lights up red
  3. Immediately afterwards, press the arming button (closed lock symbol) on the remote control (possibly several times)
  4. The CarPro-Tec beeps twice and the red LED goes out after the successful teach-in process

The CarPro-Tec can now be armed using the remote control. Proceed in the same way to programme additional remote controls.

Unlearn remote control

To decouple remote controls that have already been taught-in, repeat steps 1-3. The CarPro-Tec beeps once and the red LED goes out after the teach-in process has been successfully completed.

Note: Illustrated instructions for the individual sensors and the specific teach-in processes can be found in our accessories guide on our website under "Help & Support" or via the following link:

Status arming LED


The status arming LED incl. 5m cable included in the scope of delivery should be positioned so that it is easily recognisable from the outside. In addition to the acoustic confirmation of the CarPro-Tec, it serves to visually signal the current activation status.


To save paper, only four of the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

You can find the complete FAQ using the link below:

How do I set a silent alarm?

  • Press the button twice ALARM DURATION.

Why is the position time not updated in the CarPro-Tec Fusion app?

  • The CarPro-Tec Fusion always operates in a highly efficient energy-saving mode, which ensures very energy-saving and flexible operation of the CarPro-Tec Fusion with an average battery life of approx. 4 weeks without an external power supply. In this mode, the 4G/GPS module only activates automatically when motion and vibration are detected or in the event of an alarm for a period of 3 minutes. During this time, the GPS position is updated every minute. The interval starts again with each new motion or vibration detection. This ensures that the CarPro-Tec is always switched on when the situation requires it.

Why does my siren no longer sound the alarm?

  • The alarm duration is probably not set correctly. We recommend setting an alarm duration of 30 seconds by pressing the ALARM DURATIOON button 5 times.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

  • If the battery of the CarPro-Tec is completely empty, it takes approx. 4-5 hours to charge it due to the large battery.
  • The red LED inside the charging port goes out when the battery is fully charged.

    Note: Please be sure to observe the information on battery utilisation under „Battery life (special features in standby mode)“.

Contact details


AMG Sicherheitstechnik 

Industriepark Strasse A-9 

39245 Gommern 




Telefon: 039200.77970


Technical data



Article number





100x135x35 cm






Enclosure Protection class


IP 40


Temperature Application range


from - 20°C to +50°C


Power supply




Battery capacity


6400 mAh


Power consumption


3.47 mA in standby mode


Battery life (armed)


approx 4 weeks 

(approx 3 days with active driving)



Power supply



Status LED


2,5mm jack




3,5mm jack


Mobile phone connection




Radio frequency


433 MHz


Radio range (free field)


bis 200 m


Siren volume


approx 110 dB

Warranty note


AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH offers you a 3-year guarantee instead of a 2-year warranty.

The guarantee and product liability will not apply if any structural changes are made to the electronics or housing of the devices.

It is expressly pointed out that only components, sensors, adapters and accessories from AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH may be used for the "CarPro-Tec" alarm system. Only in this way can technical faults caused by untested accessories be ruled out and reliable operation of the security system be guaranteed for you.

The use and connection of third-party accessories or third-party components will immediately invalidate the warranty.

If you wish to use third-party accessories, this must be agreed with AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH in advance, but use is at your own risk, even after approval.


Cleaning and care

The CarPro-Tec is maintenance-free. If you want to clean the housing, please do not use water.



Waste disposal


To ensure proper treatment, recovery and recycling, do not dispose of this product with normal household waste. Electronic waste must not be disposed of with household waste, but must be disposed of separately via the appropriate collection system. Contact your local authority for information on where you can find a recycling centre in your area.

Proper recycling and disposal of electronic devices and batteries helps to save resources and avoid harmful effects on our health and the environment. Please follow the instructions below:

If you wish to dispose of this device later, disconnect all cables and batteries and dispose of them separately at a recycling facility near you.

Alternatively, you can also return this device to AMG-Sicherheitstechnik for disposal. The packaging is recyclable. Dispose of the packaging in a designated collection system.


Battery law notice


In connection with the sale of batteries or devices containing batteries, we are legally obliged to inform you of the following:

As the end user, you are legally obliged to dispose of used batteries. You can return used batteries that we have or had in our range as new batteries free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (dispatch address).

The symbols on the batteries have the following meanings:

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol means that the battery must not be disposed of with household waste.

Pb = The battery contains more than 0.004% lead by weight.

Cd = The battery contains more than 0.002% cadmium by weight.

Hg = The battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury by weight.

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