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All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.

Please use the CarPro-Tec quick guide for the initial commissioning of your new CarPro-Tec. These detailed instructions will help you with detailed setting options.

General information

The door/window contacts are simply stuck to the respective location, such as door or window frames, and monitor the assigned areas from this moment onwards when CarPro-Tec is switched on. In the event of unauthorised opening, the alarm is triggered when CarPro-Tec is active.


Please note: All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.

Place both components next to each other as shown in Fig. 1. Ensure a maximum distance of 20 mm.


1.         Remove the plastic strip from the door contact (Fig. 1).

2.         Press and hold the ACCESSORIES button on the CarPro-Tec with a thin object.

             (ACCESSORIES LED in the status LED bar lights up red)

3.         Now remove the magnet from the door contact 
            Note: Magnet only triggers on the left-hand side (Fig. 2). (LED from the door contact lights up red once)

4.         The CarPro-Tec beeps twice if the teach-in process was successful.

5.         Release the ACCESSORIES button.

 Bild 1Bild 2

Teaching out

To decouple sensors that have already been taught-in, repeat steps 2-3. The CarPro-Tec beeps once and the red LED goes out after the teach-in process has been successfully completed.


Before final bonding at the place of use, test whether the respective positions of the two components (sensor/magnet) are sufficiently close to each other. Our magnets have an extra-large magnetic field, which allows a maximum distance of up to 20 mm.

To do this, position both elements at the intended installation location (door frame and door or window frame and window). If the position has been selected correctly, the integrated LED lights up red each time the sensor is opened or closed. Now glue the two elements together using the 3M adhesive pads. Please observe the installation instructions for 3M adhesive pads. If, in exceptional cases, the maximum distance of 20 mm is not sufficient in your installation situation due to the design of your vehicle, we can offer you a special neodymium contact (up to 30 mm distance) on request.

Note: Installation at a right angle, as shown in the ilustration on the right, is possible on both sides of the contact, but please note that the magnetic distance to the right-hand side of the contact is significantly less than to the left-hand side.

Assembly examples

Daily use

Battery status:

If the battery reaches a low level, this is indicated by the integrated LED flashing continuously every 10 seconds. The battery should then be replaced within 2 weeks.

Battery change:

To change the battery, carefully slide the front housing of the sensor upwards so that the glued back remains stuck to the wall (figure 3).

You can then replace the CR2450 battery. Ensure that the polarity is correct (figure 4).

figure 3

figure 4





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