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All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.  

Please use the CarPro-Tec quick guide for the initial commissioning of your new CarPro-Tec. These detailed instructions will help you with detailed setting options.

General information

Our special dual PIR motion sensor gives you increased interior surveillance of your vehicle.

The motion detector can be deactivated on the device at any time so that you can stay in the vehicle when CarPro-Tec is activated.

The sensor has a 150° lens and a detection range of approx. 8 metres.


Note: All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and configured.

  1. Remove the plastic strip from the motion sensor (Fig. 15).
  2. Place the motion sensor down. Now press and hold the ACCESSORIES button on the CarPro-Tec with a thin object (ACCESSORIES LED in the status LED bar lights up red)
  3. Briefly press the button on the back of the motion detector (Fig. 16).
  4. The CarPro-Tec beeps twice if the teach-in process was successful.
  5.  Release the ACCESSORIES button.



Teaching out

To decouple sensors that have already been taught-in, repeat steps 2-4. The CarPro-Tec beeps once and the red LED goes out after the teach-in process has been successfully completed.

Installation instructions

Select a mounting position in which the motion detector can see the entire vehicle interior as a monitoring area if possible.

We recommend screwless installation using the 3M magnetic pads supplied. Please observe the installation instructions for 3M adhesive pads.

Finally, test as follows whether the motion detector reliably recognises you when you enter the vehicle. If the red LED of the motion detector flashes briefly when you enter the vehicle, it has successfully recognised you. Please note that the motion detector will not confirm any further movements via the LED for one minute after each successful triggering.

Installation examples

Daily use

To switch off the motion detector during overnight stays or when you are in the vehicle, you can deactivate it manually using the ON/OFF switch. This is located on the bottom left-hand side of the motion detector. When it is switched on again, the motion detector confirms this with a brief red LED light. 

Changing the battery

If the battery level is low, the motion detector starts to flash.

To change the battery, please loosen the 4 Phillips screws on the back of the sensor and open the housing. You can then replace the AA batteries, please observe the correct polarity.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 11cm x 5.7cm x 4.2cm
  • Battery operated (2 x AA batteries)
  • Monitoring angle: approx. 150°
  • Range approx. 8 metres




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