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All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already programmed and configured.
Please use the CarPro-Tec quick guide for the initial commissioning of your new CarPro-Tec. These detailed instructions will help you with detailed setting options.

Remote control


General information


With the CarPro-Tec remote control, you can arm and disarm your CarPro-Tec from close by, as well as trigger a panic and silent instant alarm. The transmission power (range) of the CarPro-Tec remote control has been deliberately adjusted so that it only works in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle to make it more difficult for third parties to intercept the signals. 





Closed lock

Arming CarPro-Tec

Open lock

Disarming CarPro-Tec

Flash button

Trigger a loud panic alarm

(Siren + app notification)

Crossed out loudspeaker

Trigger the silent panic alarm

(App notification)













Please note: All sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.


1.         Briefly press the ACCESSORIES button from CarPro-Tec

2.         ACCESSORY LED from CarPro-Tec lights up red

3.         Immediately afterwards, press the arming button (closed lock symbol) on the remote control (possibly several times)

4.         The CarPro-Tec beeps twice and the red LED goes out after the successful teach-in process


The CarPro-Tec can now be switched using the remote control. Proceed in the same way to programme additional remote controls.


Teaching out

To decouple remote controls that have already been programmed, repeat steps 1-3. The CarPro-Tec beeps once and the red LED goes out after the programming process has been successfully completed.









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