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General Information

The perfect addition to our CarPro-Tec Fusion alarm system! Close the loop by being able to check and verify reported alarms in real time at any time while on the move so that you can take the right action immediately.

The 4G camera puts you right in the middle of the situation when it counts to decide how serious the situation on site really is. A real burglary attempt or just children playing soccer?

Enjoy your adventures without compromise or worry!

1. Overview

Image of the 4G camera with an overview of the various operating elements. From top left to bottom right: SIM card slot, reset button, status LED, USB port, on-off button.

2. Use of a Suitable SIM Card

The 4G camera can work with any SIM card provider.

We recommend using a contract SIM card (e.g., ordering a secondary card from your provider with 500 MB of data per month). SMS and calls are not required for this SIM card.

With a contract SIM card, you have the advantage over a prepaid SIM card that you do not need to worry about timely recharging the SIM card, so the SIM card will not be deactivated.

Important: Disable SIM PIN so the camera can access the SIM card.

Please ask your provider when ordering if the SIM card can be delivered without a PIN.

To disable the SIM card PIN yourself if necessary:

Insert the SIM card into a mobile phone, go to security settings, and disable the PIN. For verification, we recommend restarting the phone. If the SIM PIN is not requested, the process was successful.

Now you can insert the SIM card into the 4G camera, and it will connect to the network automatically.

3. Turning on the 4G Camera

Please provide the camera with continuous power using the provided USB cable.

To turn on the device, slide the switch on the back from "OFF" to "ON". The red and blue LEDs will start blinking. During the initial connection, it may take several minutes for the SIM card to connect to the network.

Meaning of the blue LED:

  • Fast blinking = searching for connection
  • Steady light = connection successful

4. Install App

Download the app 'UBox' for free from the Google Play Store or Apple-App Store.


5. Create Account


Please create an account using your email address and follow the app's steps.

6. Add a New Device

Please press the '+' sign located in the upper right corner. Depending on your smartphone model, the app may prompt for Bluetooth connection. Please grant this permission and proceed.

Click on 'Install 4G Devices'.

Note: Make sure the blue LED is continuously lit, then scan the QR code on the back of the camera.

The camera has been successfully added, and you will be taken directly to the preview. Click on the image to view the live feed.

7. LED Explanation

Green lights up permanently

Charging process

Green flashes slowly

Recording to SD card

Green flashes quickly

No SD card recognized

Blue lights up permanently

Connection has been successfully established

Blue flashes slowly

Waiting for connection

Blue flashes quickly

Connection is established

Red flashes

Battery level low

8. Use of PIR Motion Detection

We recommend using the 4G camera solely for alarm verification purposes and disabling the PIR motion detection.

This means that when you receive an alarm notification from CarPro-Tec, you check the live image from the camera to verify what is happening in the vehicle. This minimizes data and power consumption.

You can disable the PIR motion detection as follows:

- Go to the live image of the camera and click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

- Go to "Activity Detection"

- Now, turn off the PIR motion detection.

9. Technical Data

Dimensions53 x 37 x 42 mm (L x W x H)
Image Sensor1/2.8" CMOS sensor
Video FormatH.264+/H.265
Video Resolution2K (2048x1080p)
Lens Focus2.8mm
Field of View120°
Infrared Night Vision5-8m
Digital Zoom4x
RecordingMotion-Activated Recording
AlertsPush Notifications
4G LTERequires a separate SIM card
SIM Card FormatNano SIM card
Mobile AppiOS / Android
Battery2800mAh rechargeable battery
Runtimeup to 180 days with 12 minutes per day
Charging Time3-5 Hours
DC Power5V/2A USB Power Adapter
Local StorageSupports microSD cards up to 256 GB
Operating Temperature-10°C to 55°C
Operating EnvironmentInterior Environment




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